Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back link Secrets SEO Tricks

               Building quality back links has always been a stuffing job. But the importance of back links for SEO can’t be denied either. Back link building can be made an interesting job and you may start loving it, if you know some useful tips and tricks to build quality back links.
See the following command.
Wordpress comments “your keyword”
BlogSpot comments “your keyword”

For example, if you blog about Adsense, you can type this command:

Wordpress comments “Adsense”
BlogSpot comments “Adsense”

Type the above command in Google and replace (your keyword) with the keyword you blog about. Google will display the related blogs and you will be able to leave a comment.
  • You can repeat the same procedure with yahoo, Bing, AOL, ask and all other search engines.
  • This procedure is going to be useful and the back link thus gained will be a quality back link because every search engine will display the best results on the first page.

          Websites qualifying for first page will be the
  •  Most popular
  •  Most Relevant
  •  Most Reliable

          Thus a back link from such sites will have good quality.
  • Don’t waste your time with spamming comments. Put some value in your comment. It should look as you have read the post and then given your honest opinion.

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