Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How To Submit Sitemap For Blogspot Bloggers

Sitemap is the map of your website. It gives a pictorial view of all the links on your site. Search engines find it easy to crawl and index the web pages through sitemap. Having proper sitemap submitted to search engines, you are on your way to better SEO and better revenue.

Here I will guide on how to submit sitemaps to three major search engines, Google, yahoo and Bing for BlogSpot bloggers.

For BlogSpot bloggers:

BlogSpot bloggers can submit sitemap using RSS or Atom feed. But atom is recommended. Simply copy the following code and paste it in sitemap submission address bar.

Or if your site contains more than 100 pages, use following code.

Replace “mysite” by your URL.

For example:

1. Submit Sitemap to Google:

  • Go to Google webmaster tools at and sign in with your Gmail id.
  • Click the add a site button and enter URL of your site.
  • Then go to site configuration and click sitemap.
  • At submit sitemap, enter the above URL and submit.

2. Submit Sitemap to Yahoo:

  • Go to yahoo site explorer at and sign in with your yahoo, Gmail or Facebook id.
  • Add your site.
  • Verify using the second option of adding Meta tags.
  • Under submit your site feed, enter the above URL and submit.

3. Submit Sitemap to Bing:

  • Simply paste following URL in your browser’s address bar.
  • And replace the "mysite" with the complete URL of your sitemap. Upon submission you will receive the message:
  • Thanks for submitting your sitemap.

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