Monday, 21 November 2011

49 Back Links Free For One Click

Back link building is really a tiresome job. It sucks but it is equally essential for SEO. There are ways and ways to build quality back links but they are all time consuming. They include directory submission, article marketing, social bookmarking site, classified ads, press releases and many more. There are millions and millions of sites for above mentioned categories. Where to find short listed and genuine sites for link building is the question.

Then come softwares promising to submit your link to multiple sites but they usually don’t prove fruitful as they submit to low ranked and unpopular sites.

Then are the paid submissions. You may find a website claiming to give you 1000s of back links for few bucks. You may get those back links, sometimes, but ultimately you will face search engine penalty.

Here comes Onlywire on the scene of automated back link building. It basically contains an algorithm that lets you submit your link to 49 social bookmarking sites for just one click. No no no, wait, these are not ordinary social bookmarking sites, and these include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious etc. Are they ordinary and unpopular?

Also you will have to put in some effort for signing up for each individual social bookmarking site and that’s what makes it legitimate.

How it works?

                Onlywire actually saves your login ids for all of these social bookmarking sites and you are saved from the trouble of logging into each individual site each time and posting your link separately.

You save your login info once and whenever you login to your Onlywire account, you will have the option to post your link to all desired social bookmarking sites from one place for one simple click. That’s how easy it is to build quality back links for increased visibility, exposure and better SEO.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tips to use Twitter for SEO

Twitter is a micro blogging site with over 2bn users and   tweets daily. Twitter is a very useful tool for search engine optimization and generating revenue. But SEO depends on how to use twitter for it. Twitter has a drawback that you can’t invite people to follow you. So the only way to boost followers is to follow others.

Who to follow?

 This is a million dollar question.

Following people from your niche is very important. If you blog about “Football” then following “SEO” bloggers will not help anything. So you got to follow people from your interests. Then if they follow you in return you’ll get targeted traffic to your site.

Here are some twitter apps that guide you through sorted lists to let you find out who to follow. By the time you finish reading this post, you must have at least gone through following lists and following at least 30 people.

This is a twitter owned list to guide people who to follow.

There are 3 tabs on this page:
View Suggestions

Browse Interests

Find Friends

Find people to follow from your niche and there are many chances that they will follow you back. Having more followers is a golden way to enhance your online exposure.

It also helps you to find relevant users to follow. Feel free to follow your competitors to find out what are they doing in your niche.

Tags are also very helpful in this regard. Check them out

It allows you to find people as well as list yourself and get found on twitter to expose your tweets and   SOCIALLY OPTIMIZE your site.

It’s not about SEO, it’s all about SMO (Search Engine Optimization).