Friday, 2 September 2011

8 Link Building Strategies For SEO

                  Can you even imagine searching for each site relevant to your niche on internet and linking to it for SEO? So being tactful and strategic is required throughout the SEO process.
Link building has always been a dream for every Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). Having quality back links to your site and having so many of them needs a lot of time and work on your part. Everyone tries and gives his opinion on building quality back links. But going strategically in building links is always worth a fortune.
Here if have come up with a list of link building techniques. You might have come across such a list on some other SEO site as well but what distinguishes this post, are the real tips I share out here.
1. Write Articles:
                                Articles are the most valuable source of quality back links. And if you manage to get your article published with a high ranking site like, what can be better than that? Just write an article related to your website/blog and submit it to an article directory like
  • Always go for some high rank article directory. I prefer ezine. If not published then go to next and so on.
  • Always write articles RELATED to your blog.
  • Don’t forget to include a link back to your site.

2. Submit To Blog Directories:
                                You can submit your blog directories for back links. But don’t keep stuffing your link to every directory. Rather do a bit of search and submit your blog to high PR blog directories. This will save your time yet giving you quality back links.
For more info on blog directory submission, click here.
3. Submit To Social Bookmarking Sites:
                                You can consider submitting your blog to social bookmarking site. But the same rule goes here; go for well known and reliable sites.
For a list of social bookmarking site, click here.
4. Upload Videos:
                                You can make video tutorials about whatever you know and upload it to YouTube, metacafe, flixya or any video sharing site, including  a link to your site in description.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a camcorder or if you’re afraid of exposure, you can make a video in movie maker writing simple text and putting animations and get a back link.

5. Distribute Softwares:
                                Distributing free ware softwares is an awesome way to get back links. You can upload softwares including your link in the description.
  • You can give your link in the beginning, middle and end of a subtitles’ file and upload it to a torrent site. Your link will be visible while someone watches the movie with subtitles.

6. Write Guest Blog Posts:
                                You can always write a guest blog post about your niche and offer it to some professional blogger and in return, request for a link to your site.
7. Connect To Bloggers:
                                You can request the bloggers from your niche to write a blog post for you and in return, give them a link and get a link. These bloggers may be your followers or those whom you follow.
8. Use Google Alerts:
                                Google alerts is a great way of increasing back links. You can go to
And sign in with your Gmail id.
You can create alert about your blog and you will get an email as an alert is available.
An alert may be a blog post, video, news or discussion in which you can participate and comment including link to your site.
Alerts are a perfect and automated way of quality back links. Google sends out alerts from high PR sites and thus linking to them will result in quality links.

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