Saturday, 3 September 2011

Social Bookmarking For Back Link Building

Social bookmarking is very valuable when it comes to back link building for SEO. Bookmarking is basically marking (tagging) a site for future use. You can bookmark a site and simply click that bookmark to access the site in future. Social bookmarking is somewhat different. Social bookmarking allows you to save your favorite sites on the web itself. For this you can create an account on a social bookmarking site and add your site(s) to it.
                For a realistic view of social bookmarking, visualize the facebook and twitter, because they are also social bookmarking sites.         
Once you have added your site to your social bookmarking account, you can easily share it with your friends, clients or anybody on the internet. Social bookmarking is a great way to increase online exposure. You suggest your site to your online social circle and if someone likes it, he can share it ahead to his social circle thus giving you more online exposure.
Social bookmarking is very widespread and most of the people share their content with their friends through social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites specifically aim at the things you are searching for. Making a search through a search engine may take you to a plethora of information and you may not be able to find exactly what you are looking for. But through social bookmarking sites you can exactly locate your desired thing.
Social bookmarking sites not only give you more online exposure and increase your sales but also end up giving you quality back links. Because of frequent updates, most of the social bookmarking sites have better search engine rankings and linking to them means a high PR quality back link. This trend has resulted in Social Search Engines. As webmasters submit their site by specifying accurate and descriptive title, specific keywords and exact category. Similarly searchers can find out the required info by specifying above parameters that best match their search criteria.
The process of making your site visible on social bookmarking sites is called Social Media Optimization or SMO. SMO has evolved into a great tool for back link building due to the quality of social bookmarking sites and their increased exposure. Also by submitting your site to social bookmarking sites, you not only get targeted traffic but also increase your search engine ranking.
Submission to social bookmarking sites has always been a tiring job but now it’s just fun. Instead of submitting your site to all social bookmarking sites individually, you can use these two great sites.

These sites will allow you to submit your site to top 130 social bookmarking sites with just one click. The best thing is that they are absolutely free. And they don’t contain any auto submission algorithm so it’s not going to result in any search engine penalty.

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